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27th February 2018

Posted: Mar 7, 2018 by: admin on: Mr Reilly's Blog

Last Wednesday saw the school celebrating Mother Language Day in each class. Children were encouraged to share aspects of their home cultures and customs with the rest of the class which resulted in a rich, multi-cultural experience across the school.

Just some of the activities included: traditional costumes being worn from the Punjab and Albania, traditional dances, facts from Pakistan, many different national flags being studied and Turkish sweets devoured excitedly. I was impressed with the children’s confidence as they taught their classes and teachers a range of languages from Urdu, Italian, Polish, Punjabi and Arabic. Thank you to the parents for supporting our all inclusive philosophy here at Bean.

Please look out for a new fundraising initiative for Gambia. Bayley, ably assisted by several year six pupils, has just pitched his idea to me about raising money for school children in Gambia. He put a persuasive argument forward about why we should support children from other countries who don’t necessarily have the same opportunities as children in Bean. Please look out for the beat the goalie stall at the Summer Fair which will be raising money for this good cause.


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