Reception Class - September Starting  2020


If your child is already of school age and you are looking for a place at our school please contact the School Office. 

 An In Year Application Form is required to process your application, these can be found online at the link below or are available from the School Office.


For any Admissions enquiries please contact the school office on 01474 833225 or email



Please read the information given below which gives details of our admission arrangements for the school.

 "The 1980 Education Act provides that an Authority shall comply with a parent's preference for a school, unless compliance with that preference is prejudicial to the provision of efficient education, or the efficient use of resources".

What this means is that parents can state a preference for a particular school and pupils will be admitted in accordance with parental preference whenever possible. Where a school is over subscribed and standard numbers would be exceeded by admitting all those children whose parents have expressed a preference for a particular school, then the Admissions Authority will assess applications using the following order of priorities:-

  •  Children in Local Authority Care 
  •  Current Family Association (a brother or sister in the school at the time of entry, where  the family continues to live at the same address as when the sibling was admitted or has moved to a new property within 2 miles of the school)
  •  Health, Social and Special Access Reasons of children and parents
  •  Nearness of Children’s Homes to school. We use the distance between the child's permanent home address and the school, measured in a straight line using the National Land and Property Gazatteer (NLPG) address point data. Distances are measured from a point defined as within the child's home to a point defined as within the school as specified by NLPG. The same address point on the school site is used for everybody

 The school's Published Admission Number (PAN) is: 30.