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Dear Parents / Carers,


BirdBox Cam:

Blue Tit, by David Wheeler

I am not a poet,
but I am full of wit
my Favourite Bird
is the little blue tit


Please continue to follow the lifecycle of the clutch of blue tit eggs from the school website. Will they hatch this weekend?


No School Monday 3rd May

Please remember that Monday 3rd May is a bank holiday and therefore the school will be closed. Have a well-earned relaxing day with your family!


School Guinea Pig Returns to Year 6

The Year 6 pupils have been suggesting how they can celebrate the final few terms here at Bean Primary School and Maisie has suggested, as they are responsible, Year 6 should be permitted to look after the school guinea pig. Coco will therefore be returning next week and he is looking forward to seeing his old friends. For H&S reasons we can’t pass him from bubble to bubble.


Parents’ Evening 2 for Argentina Class - Wednesday 5th May

The Teams link will be sent out in the morning of 5th May for parents using this technology. If you’d prefer a phone call, please ensure the office staff have been informed.


School Uniform

As shops now become open, please ensure your child is wearing their school uniform. Shoes rather than trainers should be worn, earrings should be plain studs rather than hoops or sparkling and water bottles should contain water rather than squash. If your child has a medical condition that excuses them from drinking water, please ensure the office has received the medical evidence.


The development of the Site

You will have noticed that we have re-established the two canopies at the front of the building that were removed as a result of the roofing works last year. These are a welcome addition and will help the children continue learning outdoors in all weathers.

After much negotiation with Kent C.C., we have now secured funds for an extension to the school which will house a purpose built disabled toilet and shower room. More information to follow.


Boys Football Match at Princes Park

Bean Primary Football Team competed in the first football tournament this week in over a year. This was a delayed semi-final from the successes of the previous year’s team. We therefore put together a scratch side of three Year 7, three Yr 6 and three Year 5 pupils to represent the school. They played brilliantly in terms of communication, teamwork, sportsmanship and attitude. As a result they narrowly lost their first match – a 1-1 draw which went to penalties 20-19 (exhausting). Their second match saw the team comfortably win with a final score of 4-1.

Congratulations to Harrison, Harvey and Louie (Yr 7) Fynn, Taylor and Archie (Yr 6) and Charlie, Jack and Harry (Yr 5).



Yours sincerely,


G Reilly


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Opening Up Schools - 8th March

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I trust you and your family enjoyed the half term break and found time to relax. Many of you will have heard the news from the Prime Minister yesterday that pupils will be returning to schools from Monday 8th March. I am sure this will come as welcome news to parents and staff alike; I am confident the children will be pleased to hear it too.


No doubt there will be a great deal of guidance following this announcement around staggered start times, how parents order school dinners and how the classes / bubbles should function. This usually takes several days to filter down from the Department for Education to schools. As soon as this information is made public, I shall be sure to pass this on. We will be looking to start the Breakfast Club from 8am on the 8th March and this week we will be communicating with after school club providers to assess their availability. We will confirm these details as soon as we have ensured our practices align with our risk assessments to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all stakeholders.


Please continue to encourage your child to engage with their daily lessons, Team meetings and Friday assemblies as this will help them reintegrate into school routines and activities when they return.


As always, please contact a member of staff if you need support in any way. We know that families have experienced a great deal of challenge recently but despite this, adapted extremely well to the extraordinary circumstances.

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Welcome Back

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Our First Day Back

“Good morning, Mr Reilly!” was such a pleasure to hear from our pupils as they returned after what seemed an age. Pupils are now returning to Bean Primary and are clearly pleased to be back, seeing their friends and adjusting to the new routines and procedures that staff are implementing in order to keep pupils and staff safe.

Staff are busily identifying any gaps in pupils’ learning with children eager to show staff how they have continued their learning from home over the past months.

The whole school assembly took place virtually with interaction from each class. General reminders were discussed to ensure all pupils were clear about how the school was now operating.

I was surprised how smoothly the new entry process went, so thank you to parents and carers for complying with the staggered start times now being used.

Do ask a member of staff if you have any questions or concerns about the new school routines.

Kind regards,

Mr Reilly

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School Update 10.7.2020

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Dear Parents and Carers,

I trust you and your family are well and managing to move into this new phase of gradual unlock as the country gets back to some degree of normality.

As a school, staff are busily preparing for the end of term, whilst thinking carefully about the implications for September. There is much discussion on this, and key information will be shared with parents before we break up for the summer term, although I suspect there will be further information shared with parents over the summer as things evolve. We will ensure the office email ( is checked regularly as well as the school phone (07828824416) to ensure parents can communicate with staff during this period; this will avert the rush of information in September before school gates open again.

Next week, you will receive a school report on your child which comments on the learning that has taken place this year, but won’t include either progress or attainment. This is in line with government guidance to schools and is as a result of the school having to close partially since March. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss their child’s report by phone if further clarification is required. This information will be included with the report next week.

Along with your child’s report, there will also be information on the usual reading challenge and open-ended summer project. I trust these prove helpful in keeping your child engaged during the summer break.

Kind regards,

G Reilly


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School Update

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This week has seen further announcements from the government which, as staff, we were pleased to hear as it confirms the return of all pupils from September. We have seen our numbers grow steadily from week to week, and I was pleased to see 90 pupils back on Thursday. I am confident that our proactive stance, supported by the determination of staff and governors in seeking to welcome back as many pupils as possible, has made the adjustments that will be required for September all the more easy to develop and implement. We will ensure parents are informed about the specific plans nearer the time i.e. entrance and times, ensuring parents have time to adjust.

You will be aware that there was a discussion at government level about opening schools for the summer. This idea has now been shelved and Bean Primary School does not have plans to open during this time. Nor will teachers be uploading work on the website. There will, however, be the usual reading challenges and summer project that children and parents can embrace. More details are to follow.

Our pupils in school continue to adapt to the changing nature of school at the moment, showing a commendable degree of stoicism and resilience which is to their credit.

Our pupils at home are also showing determination as they adapt to their home schooling arrangements. I know that parents continue to support their children as best they can, and should be commended for their excellent efforts during this time.

As yet we have not had to send a staff member or child home for COVID19 symptoms, but of course we remain vigilant and thorough and frequent cleaning continues to take place.

I trust you and your family remain positive and stay healthy at this time.

G Reilly

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