The role of the Governing Body

All schools in England have a Governing Body.  School governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools.  Governors appoint the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. It is governors who hold the main responsibility for finance in schools, and it is governors who work with the Headteacher to make the tough decisions about balancing resources.  A key role is to act as a 'critical friend': to support, to challenge, to ask questions, ultimately to represent the school community.

The role of the governing body is a strategic one, its key functions are to:

  • Set the aims and objectives for the school
  • Set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  • Be a source of challenge and support to the Headteacher (a critical friend)
  • Supporting the school in its attendance targets
  • Supporting the school in its exclusion and behaviour policies
  • Monitoring the expenditure of the Pupil Premium and Sports Funding received to ensure it has the most effective impact
  • Reviewing and agreeing to the new staffing structure

To view what Bean's Governing Body have been involved in over the last year and the impact they have had please click on the link below:




Our Governing Body

Bean Primary School Governing Body meets at least six times a year and has three main Sub-Committees - Finance and Premises, Curriculum and Standards and Personnel.

Finance and Premises Committee:  This committee's main purpose is to ensure that the school sets a budget and monitors its spending to ensure that all spending remains within budget and that all funds are spent wisely with the best value to best meet the needs of the pupils.

Curriculum and Standards Committee:  This committee reviews and approves school policies, discusses and monitors all aspects of the school's work around pupil attainment and progress.  They also ensure that the school's curriculum is broad and balanced and meets the statutory requirements.

Personnel Committee:  This committee oversees the appointment of all staff in the school, their professional development and their well-being.


Following statutory guidance, the Governing Body successfully reconstituted in May 2015.

The Governing Body now consists of:

  • The Headteacher
  • One elected staff governor
  • One appointed local authority governor
  • Four elected parent governors
  • Three co-opted governors

The standard term of office for a governor if four years.  The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.

The Chair of Governors is Mr Stephen Bonner, who can be contacted via the Clerk to the Governors at

All Governors complete an annual skills audit to ensure our Governing Body have the necessary skills to be effective.  This also enables the Governing Body to be prepared for succession planning.  All Governors are encouraged to attend regular training courses to keep up to date with current legislation.  Please click on the link below to view what courses our Governors have attended:






Monitoring Visits

Our Governing Body believe that monitoring visits are crucial.  They enable Governors to have a presence within the school and facilitate the Governors in questioning and challenging the Headteacher effectively at Full Governing Body meetings and Committee meetings. Please see below the the visits that have taken place:


2016 - 2017


Our Members

The Governing Body of Bean currently consists of the following members:


Mr Stephen Bonner - Chair of Governing Body                          

  • Co-opted Governor
  • Term of Office:  18 May 2015 - 17 May 2019
  • Governor Attendance 2014-2015:  FGB 6/6    Finance and Premises 5/5
  • Governor Attendance 2015-2016: FGB 6/6     Finance 3/4 Personnel 2/3

I am married and have been a school governor for 30 years, first at Bean Primary School and also at Westcourt Primary School for 3 years.

I have always had an interest in education and my 3 boys went first to Bean Primary and then to Gravesend Grammar School before moving on to develop their careers.  They have all left home now so will hopefully save us some money!

I work as a business and development manager but also as part of my role I arrange moves of schools, academies, and universities which allows an insight into how other schools are run.  I hope in some small way that with the other governors we can create a safe and happy learning environment for the children, and that we can help them to become confident to pursue whatever career they choose.


Mr Keith Prescott - Vice Chair of Governing Body, Chair of the Finance Committee and Training and Development Governor

  • Local Authority Governor
  • Term of Office:  25 September 2016 - 24 September 2020
  • Committees Finance and Premises and Personnel
  • Governor Attendance 2014-2015:  FGB 6/6    Finance and Premises 5/5
  • Governor Attendance 2015-2016: FGB 5/6     Finance 4/4 Personnel 3/3

I joined the governing body of Bean Primary School some 20 years ago as a parent governor when my two daughters (now in their 20's) both attended the school.  I am now retained as a Local Education Authority governor.  I am married to a Primary School Teacher that previously taught at Bean Primary School. Professionally, for the last 30+ years I have been the Chief Buyer of Britain's Oldest Construction Company overseeing the procurement process necessary to carry out the construction of it's multi million pound contracts, many of which are in education.  This role involves a wide range of financial skills, statistical analysis and contract negotiation and agreements with various suppliers and subcontractors and the ability to interact with people.  My professional experience has enabled me to assist the school in many aspects of its decision making.  I am proud to be part of the governing body at Bean Primary School and look forward to further contribute to the school's already outstanding leadership and pupil performance.

Mrs Catherine Atkins - Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Committee and Chair of the Personnel Committee

  • Co-opted Governor
  • Term of Office:  18th May 2015 - 17th May 2019
  • Committees:  Curriculum and Standards and Personnel
  • Governor Attendance 2014-2015:  FGB 4/6    Curriculum and Standards 3/3
  • Governor Attendance 2015-2016: FGB 4/6     Curriculum and Standards 2/2    Personnel 3/3

I have been a Governor at Bean since November 1998, when my eldest two boys were in Year 1 and Reception.  My youngest son started at Bean in 2002 and I continued as a parent governor until he left, and became a        co-opted Governor.  For most of my years as a Governor I have chaired the Curriculum and Standards committee, and recently have been involved in the Personnel and Pay Review.  I am now a foster carer, and prior to fostering worked primarily in personnel in the Civil Service.  My 3 boys thrived at Bean, and I have been pleased to play a small part in ensuring that Bean continues to give the best education and opportunities to the children of Bean and the surrounding area.

Mr Graham Reilly - Headteacher                                       

  • Since September 2014, a member of the governing body by virtue of position in the school
  • Committees:  Finance and Premises, Curriculum and Standards and Personnel
  • Governor Attendance 2014-2015:  FGB 6/6    Finance and Premises 5/5    Curriculum and Standards 3/3
  • Governor Attendance 2015-2016:  FGB 5/6    Finance 4/4   Curriculum & Standards 2/2   Personnel 3/3

Having worked in  the private sector for over a decade, I decided to turn my attention to education.  In terms of seeking a challenging and worthwhile profession, both as a Headteacher and previously as a classroom teacher, I haven't been disappointed.  My interest has always been not only to start initiatives that raise standards, but also ensure these initiatives are sustainable and meaningful to the school community.

In September 2014 I was appointed as Headteacher of Bean Primary School.  There have been many changes since my arrival and as a school we are very fortunate to have such a professional and committed staff and governing body; they really do make a huge difference.  We also benefit from a supportive and engaged parent community.

Mrs Faith Carney - Deputy Headteacher                                  

  • Staff Governor
  • Term of Office:  3 November 2014 - 2 November 2018
  • Committees:  Curriculum and Standards
  • Governor Attendance 2014-2015:  FGB 5/6    Curriculum and Standards 2/3
  • Governor Attendance 2015-2016: FGB 6/6     Curriculum and Standards 1/2

As an experienced teacher taking on the role of SENCo and Deputy Head in April 2014 has enabled me to take on a more strategic role within school.  Having joined the governing body I am keen to work with governors to continue to raise standards across the school.

Dr Kevin Golding-Williams - SEND Governor                             

  • Parent Governor
  • Term of Office:  3 November 2014 - 2 November 2018
  • Committees:  Curriculum and Standards
  • Governor Attendance 2014-2015:  FGB 6/6    Curriculum and Standards 2/3
  • Governor Attendance 2015-2016:  FGB 5/6    Curriculum and Standards 1/2 

I have been a Parent Governor at Bean since 2012 and am the lead governor for Special Educational Needs and Disability and sit on the Curriculum and Standards Committee.  I have two children in the school who are currently in Bannatyne (Year 6) and Thompson ( Year 4).  Outside of my governor duties I am Head of Public Affairs at the national charity Living Streets and am currently on secondment to the Department for Transport.  I continue to enjoy shaping the future direction of the school; providing a constructive challenge and making a positive difference to the education and experiences the school provides.

Mrs Nadège Wiltshire                                                    

  • Term of Office:  17 July 2015 - 16 July 2019
  • Committees:  Curriculum and Standards
  • Governor Attendance 2014-2015:  (not applicable new governor)
  • Governor Attendance 2015-2016: FGB 6/6  Finance 4/4 

As parents, all we want is for our children to be happy and to be provided with the best opportunities and support whilst in school.  I believe parents have a part to play in their children's academic success and need to work in partnership with schools to ensure outstanding standards are met.  That is why I wished to become a parent governor at Bean Primary, where my son started in the Reception class.  Since becoming a governor in July 2015, I have used my knowledge and understanding of the education field to contribute to the Finance Committee's and the full governing body's decisions, with the aim to have a positive impact on the lives of the children both in and outside the school.  I am pleased with what we have achieved so far, and I look forward to continuing our hard work to ensure every child thrives at Bean Primary School.

Mrs Anna Munday                                                      

  • Parent Governor
  • Term of Office:  17 July 2015 - 16 July 2019
  • Committees:  Curriculum and Standards
  • Governor Attendance 2014-2015:  FGB 5/6    Curriculum and Standards 3/3
  • Governor Attendance 2015-2016:  FGB 5/6    Curriculum and Standards 2/2

I have lived in Bean for twelve years and became a parent governor in 2007 whilst on a career break from the Metropolitan Police.  My eldest son left Bean Primary School in 2011 and my youngest still attends.  I am on the Curriculum and Standards Committee and have also spent time on the Finance Committee.  I am lucky enough to have been involved in a number of outdoor learning programmes which have been incredibly rewarding (and massive fun!).  I go into Hoy Class weekly to listen to the children read or help with activities and thoroughly enjoy spending time with them.  I also help out at Bean 2 Kids Club, sit on the steering group for the Community Forum at Bluewater and am currently Chair of Bean Parish Council.


Mrs Emily Waugh



  • Parent Governor 
  • Term of Office: 18 October 2016 - 17 October 2020
  • Committees: Finance


I have lived in Bean for 6 years and have recently been elected as Parent Governor. My youngest 2 children attend the school, in Williams (Year 1) and Thompson (Year 4) class. I am the Treasurer of Friends of Bean and really enjoy getting involved in the activities we put on. I believe our children should enjoy school whilst being given exciting opportunities to learn. I cannot wait to get stuck into the Governor role, working with the staff and other Governors to continue making Bean Primary School a place where our children thrive. 


Retired Governors

Mr A Edwards (Parent Governor), Term of Office 16 June 2011 - 15 June 2015.

Mrs E Ashley (Parent Governor), Term of Office 3rd November 2014 - 1st June 2016 


Register of Interests

Statutory legislation requires every Governing Body to have a register of interests.  The register documents interests which may potentially unethically or unlawfully influence members' official duties.  It is signed annually at the first Full Governing Body meeting of the academic year.  Governors are also required to declare any interests at every Full Governing Body meeting and committee meetings.

Name                                                    Business and Pecuniary Interests   Governance Roles in Other Educational Institutes Material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff

Mrs C Atkins


None None None

Mr S Bonner        


None None Married to Bean Primary School staff member

Mrs F Carney


None None None

Mrs N  Wiltshire

None None None

Dr K Golding-Williams


None None None
Mrs A Munday

Vice Chair of Bean Parish Council

Member of Bean 2 Kids Club

None None

Mr K Prescott


None None None

Mr G Reilly


None None None

Mrs E Waugh

None None None

 - Academic Year 2014/15

Attendance - Academic Year 2015/16