Bird Box Project


Last Academic Year, we took part in the Bird Box Project. The Bird Box Project involved  a live feed from a camera hidden inside a Bird Box at our school. Children and parents were then able to watch the Bird Box live from our website.

Everyday brought something new, whether it was a fresh new egg that had just been laid, or watching the parent birds feed their newborn chicks. You will be pleased to hear that we will be taking part in the Bird Box Project again next year (2017). Watch this space! 


The Blue Tits of Bean 

The Blue Tit chicks are ready to fledge

they queue in the nest box to sit on the ledge.

Mother bird says ''Watch out for the cats, be as quick as you can

do not fear flying, just be the best that you can.


They learnt to fly and will follow the rule

not to go far and stay near Bean School.

The children's laughter they do not mind

as Mother bird told them ''Bean's children are kind''


If you see the chicks please be quiet and calm

to make sure the chicks come to no harm.

You have watched them hatch and fledge and grow

and so that is something else you now know. 


Thank you to the Staff for the wonderful web box

it was so exciting it almost blew off our socks. 

We will all miss the chicks but don't cry a tear

as we will watch a new family in the box next year.